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Pregnancy Magazine brings you complete coverage of your pregnancy in a digital format designed especially for your iPhone or iPad. Pregnancy Magazine has the expert content that Pregnancy has always been known for with articles covering fertility through breastfeeding to keeping yourself in shape. New Pregnancy Magazine editions Pregnancy’s digital edition are guides to the most relevant topics of new parenthood. Each issue will help the expectant mom prepare for baby with knowledge and insight, so you can enjoy this special time and thrive as a new mother. Pregnancy is your tool kit for becoming a confident mother. Our first 6 issues will feature:
1. HEALTH & WELLNESS: Yoga for pregnancy symptoms; how to know if you’re at risk for preeclampsia; a guide to a good night’s rest; reality check on that baby weight; super foods for pregnancy; pregnancy’s most dangerous foods; safe ways to make it through cold season. 2/12
2. THE BIG DAY: Do’s and don’ts for having the best birth possible; what a doula can do for you; all about water-birthing; delivery day jaw-droppers; what social networking has done to birthing; secrets of recovery; who’s your best birthing partner? 4/12
3. FEEDING: Tyler Florence’s secrets to making delicious baby food; guilt-free formula feeding know-how; breastfeeding basics; greenest bottles; baby food recipes with a global flair; choosing the right formula; secrets to ensuring your baby is a good eater. 6/12
4. SLEEP: Sleep secrets for your every trimester; good habits to set for a peaceful bedtime for baby; your crazy dreams explained; a guide to why babies cry; use bedtime to increase your bond. 7/12
5. NURSERY: How to live without a nursery; what your color selections say about you; feng shui for baby’s room; design secrets of the pros; how to know if you’ve turned into a nesting neurotic; nursery prep countdown. 9/12
6. PREPPING FOR BABY: How to have a baby-proof marriage; your home safety checklist; fine-tuning your mom-tuition; the real deal on cord blood; what you don’t need to buy for baby; 9 months of pre-baby projects. 11/12
Subscription options include buying all six issues at a reduced price or buying just the issues important to your right now.
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