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About Kyte BABY Sleeping Bag for Toddlers

Kyte BABY sleep bags are made from silky smooth rayon from bamboo and come in a rainbow of bright solid colors and modern prints.

This sleep bag is essentially a baby-safe sleep sack with arm holes to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature while sleeping. Available in three thermal resistances:

  • 0.5 Tog – for more extreme summers and hot climates.
  • 1.0 Tog – for spring/summer, but also year-round.
  • 2.5 Tog – for fall/winter months, and cold climates.
  • Your baby boy/girl will remain cozy and warm all throughout his/her sleep.

    About Us

    At Kyte BABY, we operate based on these 4 principles:

    COMFORT: From the soft, breathable and smooth bamboo-based fabric, to the meticulously designed sizes of sleeves, we strive to give your kids the comfort they need. Our products regulate temperature for optimal comfort, keeping your little ones warm and cozy at all times.

    SIMPLICITY: We know that anything we can do to make a parent’s life easier is always worth it. A perfect example is our smooth, double-sided zippers. They zip top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top, meaning that diaper changes are fuss-free and easy. Life is busy, we’ve got you covered.

    SAFETY AND SECURITY: The safety of your baby is our number one priority, period.

    SUSTAINABILITY: Our products are ethically and responsibly made with bamboo, one of the most sustainable resources in the world. This way, we are able to the produce the softest products around, while making sure the world your child grows up in is a green one.

    Placing your baby in their sleep bags gives them a sense of security and routine by making them realize it’s time for sleep, even if they are away from home.

    Kyte BABY is simply THE softest bamboo sleep bags, layette, and blankets.

    Order with confidence today! Bring home the comfortable night of sleep that both you and baby deserve.

    SAFETY FIRST – Kyte BABY Sleep Bags Were Designed as a Safe Alternative to Having Bulky Blankets in the Crib Which can Lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Suffocation. Our Sleep Bags Promote Good Hip Development. Rather than Tightly Swaddling the Baby With Their Legs Together and Straight, the Baby’s Legs Should Remain Slightly Bent and Relaxed as if They Were in the Womb to Prevent Hip Dysplasia. Our Sleep Sack Will do Just That.
    COMFORTABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY – Kyte BABY Sleep Bags are Made of the Incredibly Soft Bamboo Material. Both the Exterior and the Lining of Our Sleep Bags are Made of 97% Rayon of Bamboo and 3% Spandex. Bamboo is not only one of the Most Eco-Friendy Materials on Earth, but it Also Has Anti-Microbial Properties that Hinder the Growth of Bacteria. It is Silky Soft and Breathable at the Same Time. The Perfect Material for Your Baby’s Fragile Skin, Especially for Those with Sensitive or Eczema Skins.
    EASY AND SIMPLE TO USE – Our Sleep Bags Feature a Double Zipper that Zips from the Neck Down or Bottom up, Making Night Time Diaper Changes Easy and Fuss-Free. The Top Zipper Has an Enclosure Over it, Reducing Risk of Choking or Scratching of the Baby’s Face. Continuing with Safety First, Kyte BABY Sleep Bags are Free of Any Unnecessary Embellishments Which can be Pulled Off and Put in the Baby’s Mouth.
    STYLISH – Our Sleep Bags Come in a Wide Variety of Nature-Inspired Prints and Matching, Fashionable Solids. Our Modern Rainbow of Colors Consist of the Trendiest Colors in Nursery Designs and Decors. You are Bound to Find a Few That Match Yours and Your Baby’s Style.
    BRAND THAT YOU CAN TRUST – Kyte BABY is a Well Respected Brand and Leader in the Industry. Our products are sold in more than 400 specialty stores across North America. Everything We Sell, and Everything We’ll Develop in the Future, is and will be Designed with Your Baby’s Safety and Comfort as Our TOP PRIORITY. With Issues Like SIDS and Infant Suffocation at the Top of Our Mind, We Work to Insure that Your Baby is Safe From These Traumatic Events. While Building a Sense of Security and Routine.


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