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LOLITA Baby Sleep Sacks fall winter protects children sleep blankets (130cm, complexion)


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LOLITA Baby Sleep Sacks - the safe and comfortable way for all babies and children to sleep. It is replaces blankets and duvets keeping your child at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. A sleeping bag can help your child settle when used as part of the bedtime routine. Wearable blankets are ideal when traveling, on holiday or sleepovers as children feel more at home in their sleep sack. The familiarity of their wearable blanket will help them settle in new and unfamiliar surroundings. This sleep sack brings warmth to a cold night and it can also be worn when your little one is out of bed. This kind of sleeping bag has foot openings to give way for your little one to walk around easily. Yet still, there's extra room for tucking in your child's feet at night to keep them from getting chilly. It looks like a large bib blanket with 3 snap closures on each side, which allows easy diaper changes. It also has a snap opening on the right shoulder for easier wearing and taking off. The Baby Muslin Sleep Sack is designed with extra room for your baby's kicking and wider foot mobility.

When your baby wears this blanket, chances of suffocation from blankies lessen. It allows your baby sleep safe and sound while giving you a peace of mind throughout the night.

Removable Sleeves and Feet Cover:

The sleeves and the feet cover of the sleep bag can be removed when the temperature is warm or hot.

The feet cover is also an extension for the sleep bag as your kids grow bigger.

Humane and Thoughtful Design:

The pillow can be zipped into a hood which protects children from getting cold.

Thoughtful cover patch on the neck and bottom to cover the zipper and protect children from scratch.
Suitable for winter/fall: Most of the parts are removable such as the sleeves, feet cover and pillow. Parents can remove some of the parts according to the weather. The sleeping bag is suitable for fall and winter.
Girls winter sleeping bag with long sleeves approx. 100% cotton sheeting featuring little monkeys themed embroidery. Suitable for winter use, camping and room temperatures below 59 °F .
Features - Soft, warm, easy to dry,skin-friendly,breathable, absorbent,non-fluorescent. Attention: Our sleeping bags only can be machine wash at 100°F and low heat tumble dry.
THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The pillow is removable and can be zipped into a hood. There are zipper-pull guards on the neck and bottom to protect child's skin. Also the feet cover can extend the length when your kids grow bigger.
Unzips from the bottom for easy diaper changes. Generous sack design allows room for kicking, but cannot be kicked off so child stays warm all night.


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