Reusable Nursing Pads 10 Pack | Organic Bamboo | Laundry & Travel Bag | Breastfeeding & Baby Sleeping Guide | Softest Breast Pads by BabyVoice

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LUXURIOUS NURSING PADS by BabyVoice: Softer Than You Can Imagine

Professionally Designed Structure of 3 Layers Solves Your Problems with Leaking and Irritated Nipples

– Have you experienced embarrassing moments whit your wet shirt?
– Do your usual pads leak through?
– Are your nipples suffering from rough materials?
– Have you discovered that disposables waste your money?

Your Solution Is Called BabyVoice Washable Pads!

Feel Safe and Stay Good Looking All Day:BabyVoice breast pads, 12 cm in diameter, contain a 3-layer structure: inner bamboo for your comfort is backed by super absorbent microfiber which has a PUL leak-proof layer behind. The practical off-white creamy color offers you the most universal usability.

Healthy Nipples and Comfortable Breastfeeding: Bamboo viscose is super soft and hypoallergenic. And it gets softer after each wash! You and your baby will love it.

Save $$$, Turn From Disposables to BabyVoice: Economic efficiency and ecological respect goes hand in hand when using BabyVoice reusable pads. Save money and keep our planet clean.

Free Bonus for You: Practical Laundry Bag That Helps You Store and Machine Wash Your Pads and Prolongs Their Lifespan.

Thank You For Helping: We send 1% of product’s price to the diapers charity “Giving Diapers, Giving Hope”.

Amazon Buyers Show Satisfaction With Top Premium Quality In The 90% 5-Star Reviews!

You Are Backed by Our Extended 90 Days No-Question Money Back Guarantee!

This UNIQUE DISCOUNT PRICING Is Time Limited, So Be Sure to BUY NOW!

❤ PERFECT PADS *** Great mothers deserve the best care. BabyVoice pads are comfortable and soft as a newborn’s skin. Just choose your favourite color now.
❤ SOFT & ABSORBENT *** BabyVoice breast pads (4.3 inches in diameter) are made from OEKO-TEX certified organic bamboo, that is much softer and more absorbent than cotton or hemp.
❤ NO MORE LEAKS *** Feel safe with 100% leak-proof cover, eliminate the worry of wet clothes and embarrassment!
❤ PROTECT THE PLANET *** Our reusable bra pads do not contribute to paper or plastic waste, their bamboo is sustainably grown. Machine washable and SIMPLE TO CARE FOR.
❤ COMPLETE NURSING SET *** You get a total of 10 nursing pads, extra large laundry bag, waterproof travel pouch and two free e-books (breastfeeding and baby sleeping guides) for one low price. Plus, you get our full 90-day money-back guarantee = No Risk For You! Check discounts bellow for buying more BabyVoice products.


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