Reasons to Use Baby Monitors in Your Nursery

The first reason that these can be a worthwhile investment is that you can know what your baby is doing. You will soon notice that your baby will cry at various times for different things and jumping up and collecting them from the nursery is not going to help them get back to sleep. With a baby monitor, you are able to find if your baby is lying down or if they are a bit older, are they sitting or standing. This enables you to find when you need to take action, when to go into the room and lay them back down to get them back to sleep.

A major reason you may want to use a baby check is that you can grab a few more minutes sleep for yourself. Bringing home a new baby can be exhausting and for some parents, it can leave them sleep deprived. Everyone goes through a period of settling in after bringing home a new baby and you grab sleep wherever you can get it. When your baby cries it is instinct to jump up and go make sure everything is alright, but with a monitor in place, you are able to stay in bed, check to make sure all is fine and then only intervene when you believe there is a problem or there is no chance that baby is going to settle down again. At least by the time you get up you have had a few more minutes of sleep.

It is important that you track your baby’s sleep. Chances are the midwife is going to ask you. Tracking their sleep lets you find habits and see where improvements can be made, of course you are aiming for baby to sleep through the night as soon as possible and for some parents this starts a lot sooner than for others.

Another reason that you may want to consider adding a baby watch to your nursery is that it improves safety. Within a few short months, your baby is going to be sitting on their own and soon after that they will be pulling themselves up on their cot to stand. The last thing you want is then climbing out and possibly injuring themselves. The monitor can help you keep an eye on things and make sure that when baby stands and tries to pull themselves out the cot, you can get there and stop them.

The last reason is that you can get on with your housework and have guests over for some social time, you are not tied down to checking the nursery every half an hour or an hour. Carry the check with you and you can hear when your baby wakes and starts crying. You can live your life and are not forced to keep checking back, it helps you relax and enjoy being a parent.

Remember there are a variety of baby monitors to choose from, choose wisely and when buying don’t think only for the now, think for the future.

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