Reasons Why You Should Consider A Video Baby Monitor

As a new parent, buying a baby monitor is one of the best decisions you can make for the sake of your baby. Baby monitors have a way of giving you peace of mind, convenience and security, considering how vulnerable and helpless babies can be. The truth is there is no way you can watch over the baby around the clock, you will need to take care of other chores and tasks and this means leaving the baby unattended.

The most common monitors are audio based so that parents can attend to the babies as soon as they start crying or when they are up. However, modem baby monitors are now coming complete with video features so you are not only able to hear your baby but also see the baby without being in the same room with them. But what exactly makes a video baby monitor worth considering for your newborn?

1. They make it possible for you to see how the baby is standing or lying. The truth is that you do not always need to attend to and comfort a wakeful child. Sleep training takes a little time and you might need to let the child learn a few things on their own. When you have a video baby monitor, you will be able to see whether the child is standing or lying and their exact position so you can evaluate the importance of your intervention. A calm but awake child who is still lying down might just need a minute longer to manage self-soothing to go to sleep. On the other hand, an unsettled child standing dangerously in the crib may need your intervention.

2. It saves you from disturbing wake-ins that wake a child who would have otherwise slept longer. After long hours of sleeping, most parents get compelled to walk into the baby’s room to check on them. However, this kind of checks mostly ends up waking up the child. With the help of a video baby monitor, you will avoid entering the room and waking up the baby. You can monitor their sleep and enjoy a more comfortable sleep yourself without interfering and it therefore does make a good tool for training the baby to sleep through the night.

3. The video baby monitor also helps in sleep tracking that is accurate. What you need to remember is that not all wakeful babies cry. A child can be up rolling and turning without crying and this can be hard to note especially when using an audio monitor that does not make it easy to differentiate the sounds. When you have a video monitor, you will be able to see what is happening in baby’s room even though they may not be crying. This helps you in knowing exactly the amount of sleep the baby is getting. By seeing exactly what time they finally settle and sleep, you are able to let them have enough sleep accurately.

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