There are numerous ways to incorporate the color red into your nursery design. If you know the sex of your unborn baby, you can design a nursery that is gender specific. If you do not know the sex of your unborn baby, you have many gender neutral nursery theme options that use red as the dominant color.

Selecting red crib bedding is a rather unique choice. However, once you begin exploring the many options you have, you will discover that red is a wonderful color choice for a nursery. Buying solid red crib sets is the most obvious gender neutral option. You can select a set with as few as four pieces and add items of your choice to complete the nursery decor. Lamps, pillows, rugs, wall hangings, and many more accessories can be added to create the atmosphere you desire in the nursery.

Another way to incorporate red into a nursery that would be appropriate for a girl or boy is to use red in combination with blue, gray, white, or some other less dominant color. Crib sets that have a neutral pattern design are also a possible option. Red gingham print is an ideal choice as a starting point for decorating with red. Circles, stripes, and patchwork patterns can be used in a nursery for either a girl or boy.

There are various themes you can choose from if you want to use red in a nursery for a boy. Crib sets are available that have a baseball theme print against a red background. A set such as this provides many opportunities for decorating the room with baseball related items. Another option would be to purchase red crib bedding that has a fire truck motif on it. Either of these themes would remain appropriate as the baby grows up.

Finding red crib sets for a baby girl is quite easy to do. Flowers, lady bugs, hearts, and many other designs can all be used to decorate a nursery for a girl. Red sheets, bumpers, and comforters with any of these designs would certainly look nice in a baby girl’s nursery.

If you choose to use red in your nursery, you should make this known to those who may be attending your baby showers or giving you gifts to use in the nursery. Because it is a unique choice, few people would think to buy red sheets, blankets, comforters or decorative accessories as a baby shower gift.

Source by Babies & Kiddos