Round Baby Cribs – A Crib Designed to Develop a Baby and Comfort a Mother

Like many new mothers and in a day and age of very safety conscience mothers, round baby cribs are making a very big splash in nursery decor. Not only have designers focused on the needs of the mother and baby in their designs of nursery including round baby cribs, but these cribs offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are safer for you and your baby in many ways.

Safety first right!

Round baby cribs, of course have no right angles or sharp edges for growing babies that always seem to find a way to injure, nick, prick or bruise themselves' on anything remotely pointy. Considering these baby cribs are round, this concept is a no-brainer. To most people's surprise however, round baby cribs offer many more safety features over their rectangular counterparts.

First and foremost, because these cribs have no right angles they do not have that ever so slight squeaky rock back and forth that rectangular cribs have and therefore chances are much less likely that your little bundle of joy will find little spots to get fingers stuck and get limbs pinched. Second the center of gravity is usually lower and the base wider in round baby cribs which not only helps keep the crib from that ever so slight squeak but also keeps the crib much more stable, open and accessible.

Which brings us to our final safety feature and this one is for the beloved mothers. Mothers that have had multiple births, c-sections, first births or just a hard pregnancy may be instructed to take it easy for 6, 8 or even more weeks after giving birth. Again, round baby cribs have no right angles and therefore will not be poking at the side or midsection of a mother who may be sore for weeks after birth. Also, because of the design of these cribs, mothers can reach their child from any angle without having to stretch and pull their own bodies which may cut down on much of a mother's initial discomfort as her child's primary caregiver.

Elegance and a physiological effect

Round baby cribs were not designed this way by some fluke or just to add a notch on the belt of some snobbish designer. Experts say there is a physiological benefit for the mother and the child contained within the design that will help get both off to a great start on a daily basis and help build that bond between the two.

First, I'm sure we have all heard and are well aware that a nursery should be decorated in colors and designs that stimulate the young mind of a child while making the caregiver and the child feel comfortable and loved in the process. Designers, of course, are well aware of this concept and have designed many accessories for nursery to do just that. Fire trucks, airplanes, princesses, cowboys, hello kitty, Disney, fishes and even early learning designs were all made to stimulate the mind of a child while bringing back happy childhood memories for parents. For the child these designs stimulate the mind and encourage thinking and imagination from the time of birth while encouraging good moods and joyous feelings in parents causing them to reflect those good feelings back towards their child.

Many of these designs have been scientifically tested to cause the exchange of positive feelings back and forth between the parent and child. Round baby cribs are no exception to this rule. Experts say that the round design and usually the positioning of the actual crib in a nursery can cause the parent to consider the baby as the center of their nursery and therefore the center of their world. This may in fact cause the parent to focus more on the needs of the person that is the "center of their life". The baby will feel the positive physiological feelings being generated by their parents and therefore feel more comfortable and confident and this may cause the child to develop motor skills, decision-making skills, or even academic skills sooner.

Experts feel that a child's development is centered on many factors but like an adult, if they feel loved and confident then they may develop many skills faster and with less apprehension. Round baby cribs are not only functional and safer for mother and child but they may be able to help a child get a much better start in life. It's no wonder parents, grandparents, guardians, and even the experts and designers love these round baby cribs and everything that comes with them.

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