The Safety 1st Baby Monitor provides the clear connection every parent is looking for. It has a wideband audio clarity that gives no interference and no static. It also assures the parents that they will have the privacy that they want when they use the monitor.

There have been baby monitors that allow the parents to see the room of other users. That is not the case with the Safety 1st Baby Monitor. It not only protects the baby in the room it also protects the privacy of the baby.

It comes with sound lights that also serve as the night lights for the infant. At the same time, the night lights let the parents see the room clearly even when the lights are turned off.

It also comes with a pager button which allows the communication of two people. The link indicator also provides the parent the heads up he or she needs whenever the batteries must be change.

It comes with rechargeable batteries and it has a portable parent unit with cordless, plug in, or belt clips. It can reach to 1600 feet range and still register the sounds clearly and without interference.

It is reported to have the highest quality available when it comes to baby monitors – and this is H 264 video technology.

The Wi-Fi assures no interference, thanks to the proper coding of the 2.4 Ghz digital frequency that is often used by the channels and the monitor.

The indoor and outdoor range should suit the lifestyle and meet the preference of the parents. There is the option of DataLock encoding which means that there is no sound or dropped picture.

What really appeals to parents is the fact that the Safety 1st Baby Monitor is 100% private. A parent can have the peace of mind he or she is looking for knowing that only he or she has the access to see what goes on inside the child’s room.

The no interference and no static feature of the Safety 1st Baby Monitor are other reasons why parents go out and buy these baby monitors.

Additional features include the auto night vision. This can probably lull the child even more because the light is not as bright and would still allow the parents to check what goes on in the room.

The monitors are rechargeable and the parents don’t have to go out and buy batteries over and over again.

Source by Babies & Kiddos