Safety In Baby Cribs

Baby cribs may keep your baby safe from falling off during sleep but do you
know that cribs, when badly constructed and improperly used can be a health
and life hazard to your child?

No matter how expensive the baby crib is or how many safety tests it passed,
parents should not be too sure as accidents can happen and often because of
overconfidence and neglect.

Remember that your baby's body is fragile and not being used to their
environment, they are naturally curious about everything and anything.
Things that you would not even think of being a dangerous part of the baby
crib can be dangerous to them.

So whether you are using a brand new baby crib that you just bought a couple
of months ago from a reputable store or recycling the ones that you used for
your older kids, it is important that you keep your eyes and mind open for
hazardous possibilities as they may be lurking in places that you would not
even consider remotely dangerous! Here are some tips that can help keep your
child safe in a baby crib and remember that one mistake can mean your his

Be instruction-wise

Never believe that for one-minute you know everything about baby cribs just
because you've used one before. And no matter how much knowledge you think
you have, it is still imperative that you read the manual and instruction

In addition to providing the step-by-step guide on how to set-up the baby
crib from scratch, the manual will also contain some tips on how to properly
care for your crib and to avoid accidents while using it.

Be inspection-wise

When buying a baby crib or when you are about to use one, make sure that
everything is in place and there are no broken or bent parts. Sharp edges,
missing joints and small removable parts in baby cribs can also be dangerous
as they can be choking hazards.

Side edges and protrusions can also become strangulation hazards as
blankets, necklaces and shirts can be caught. Avoid buying cribs that have
these features. Also, never put necklaces or anything around your baby's
neck. While it is not likely to happen, it is better, as they say, to err on
the side of caution.

Go with non-toxic

Baby crib finish should be made with non-toxic materials that are
recommended for young children. As babies' body systems, especially the
immune systems are still developing, it is important that they be protected
from chemicals and toxins in the environment. When buying baby cribs, make
sure that you ask the salesperson for ones built using non-toxic materials.

Close the dropsides

While the dropside mechanism in baby cribs can be mightily convenient, it
can also spell disaster if you are not cautious in using it. Be sure that
when you do put your baby inside the crib, you have raised the drop side and
It has locked it. Some parents may remember to raise it up but forget to
secure it with a lock, causing accidents.

Just put the basics

Remember that the more things inside the baby crib, the greater the
possibility of accident to your baby, as anything can be a potential choking
and strangulation hazard. To avoid this, keep the baby crib to a bare
minimum, only placing things that are absolutely necessary like a pillow and
a blanket. Toys inside the crib is okay if your baby is awake and playing
but always remember to remove them when he is about to be put into bed.
Parents are also advised to avoid placing dangling toys on the side of the
crib as loose straps may capture your baby and strangle him.

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