Safety Measures For Digital Baby Monitors

Since nowadays the digital technology is part of our everyday lives in almost all the gadgets and artifacts we use daily such as cell phones, PDA’s, computers and even in kitchen appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, and so on; there’s also a growing preoccupation in many people regarding the safety of the digital technology for our health. This becomes even more concerning when this technology is present in gadgets we use every day close to our children such as a digital baby monitor.

The main concern and fear of many parents is to know if these baby digital monitors that are very helpful on keeping their child safe, might be causing some kind of significant damage to the baby’s nervous system because of the electromagnetic radiation. Here’s where the need to know if the unit we use is safe to use it near the baby, because, after all, the body systems in young children are still in a developing stage.

Every gadget in the house such as the television, cordless phone, refrigerator, microwave, and baby monitor is emitting an electromagnetic energy called Electro-Smog. According to some studies, too much exposure to this king of electromagnetic energy can cause health problems in the nervous system of the body. Some symptoms of this kind of affection are bad sleep patterns, headaches, fatigue, etc.

Due to this Electro-Smog energy that is also present on baby monitors, there’s a real concern on the children’s safety. Companies manufacturing these digital baby monitors, on the other side, claim that baby monitors are safe because the quantity of energy they emit is not at danger levels that can cause damage to babies.

According to Phillips, a big participant in baby monitors market, their monitors have a low level of electro-smog released and that they comply with all the safety regulations accepted internationally. But to keep all the parents from worrying about the issue, the company attaches a recommendation on all their units saying they could place the device one meter away from the baby.

It’s true that there are minimal risks present with the arrival of the digital technology, but there are also many benefits. On the baby monitors arena, has already been proven that the digital models provide a much better reception compared to the analog devices. The privacy digital technology provides is also another benefit that was not present on older units. However, despite all these benefits, there are still many parents worried about changing to the new technology.

The conclusion is that there’s nothing to worry about if you take some precaution measures in your baby’s room at home. One of them, as we mentioned before, is what is recommended with every Philips baby monitor; to place the unit at a safety distance at least one meter away from the baby. Also, you should make sure not to place additional home appliances in the baby’s room such as computers or televisions. With these actions you can be sure that your child is safe and there will be no harm.

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