Samsung Redefines Television Viewing With Its New Design – The Samsung Touch of Color LCD TV!

What makes this Flat Screen TV different from the other HDTVs? Is it a publicity stunt, a technical innovation, or just strategic selling? Read on and spot the simplicity and complexity of this innovation.

Different campaigns for the new market of electronic consumerism have grown extensively. Among the campaigns to upgrade home entertainment is the battle for Flat Screen Televisions or LCD TVs. Samsung, one of the leading electronic brands, ventured into a new style of making it to the battle by introducing the Touch of Color LCD TV.

Samsung Touch of Color LCD TV has proven success for Samsung Electronics as this flat screen television unit became the new found love of couch potatoes around the world. This design features a hint of attractive red color naturally blended to the traditional piano-black bezel frame of the TV. It aims to transform our already stylish LCDs into a true work of art.

With this, consumers are now being particular in considering their home appliances not just as useful gadgets but also as little pieces of art. Probably this campaign would set off other consumer brands to produce more multifunctional pieces.

Although the Touch of Color design is mainly about the exterior part of the television unit, the picture viewing factor is still worthy of praise. Samsung had not missed to present an attractive exterior and an outstanding interior in terms of picture quality and performance.

Like most Samsung high definition televisions, this is a full HDTV with 1080p digital tuner enabling consumers to watch both TV and HDTV. It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1 giving you light whites and dark blacks in full detail even with adverse lighting condition.

Similarly, this Samsung baby gives you a fast 4ms response time in virtually no blurring and unnoticeable movement and a 120hz frame rate through their advanced technology called Auto Motion Plus. This technological advancement presents a smooth transition of interpolating frames. This makes the LCD monitor perfect for watching sports and movies, and playing computer games, with numerous fast moving actions. It can actually serve you double, being a TV and a monitor.

An additional feature is the Infolink support which provides free access to RSS feeds through the built-in Ethernet dock. Consumers can retrieve news, sports, and stocks information in just a push of a button.

However, it somehow ranks fair in the sound quality. This may be a substantial consideration for some. Also, certain customers may appreciate this LCD more as a monitor than a television. Note that it has only one component input and has no composite video input. These may be essential to other television viewers.

While Samsung’s Touch of Color model may not be an extra-revolutionary development, it is definitely a stunner in external feature. This has captured the interest of the consumers and has built up the trend for stylish and functional television sets. Truly, Samsung Touch of Color had set the standard as to when a TV will be more than just a TV.

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