Sassy Web Watch IC Internet Video Monitor Review

We have celebrated our baby's first birthday with Sassy Web Watch IC Internet Video Monitor!

It's hard for me to bear a child; it took us 3 years before our baby Izza came. Everyone who knew about it was happy. When our baby Izza turned 1 year old last December, friends and relatives are requesting to have the party held at their place.

My husband and I came to this plan of purchasing the Sassy Web Watch IC Internet Monitor. When we already have it, we tried it to make sure that it will not fail on the very important day. It took us some time to make everything work but finally my husband figured out everything with the help of the tech support team. It was great! It has a greater range compared to those ones that our relatives have tried. Once you set up the camera on the perfect angle it offers a wide range that everybody would love. Running it with the battery is good; we reserved 3 sets of batteries to make sure that it will last longer and it did. The whole set is comprised of 2.4 color LCD screen, hand-held receiver, camera, and USB receiver. Lifetime free tech support.

We told our friends and relatives that we have this Sassy Web Watch Monitor for them to see baby Izza live using Skype or MSN on her birthday. Most of them are from Australia because that is our home town. We told them what to do and they got it, the birthday turned out to be a simultaneous party.

Izza's birthday was a success and everyone who saw Izza was grateful thanks to the Sassy Web Watch IC Internet Video Monitor.

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