Should You Use a Traditional Baby Monitor or a Video Baby Monitor?

Your baby’s comfort and security is always your first priority. Although you want to watch your baby 24 hours a day it isn’t always possible as there are always other chores that need doing. So what do you do when you are busy doing your household chores and not able to keep a close eye on the baby?

This is where  baby  video  monitors  come in handy. These are an absolute blessing when it comes to watching your baby while you are in another room.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the normal transmitter and receiver  baby   monitors  that most people with children have. With these nursery  monitors  the transmission is one way – audio from the  baby’s  room is sent through to the receiver which you have in a room with you. With newer technology there are now video nanny cam monitors that offer you an even better system.

With video  baby   monitors  you don’t only receive audio, but video too. You can install a camera so that you can  monitor  your  baby  visually as well as with audio. The camera will send a video feed through to the receiver monitor used by the parents.

Wired or Wireless Video Monitor

With  baby  video  monitors  you have the option of wired or wireless models. The monitoring quality is much the same between the two with the real difference being that one is hard wired and the other isn’t. If you only plan on using the monitor in one location then you might opt for the wired version.

If you would like to move the location of the monitor between different rooms in your home then you would be better with the wireless version. The only disadvantage to a wireless video monitor is that the transmitter and receiver must be within a certain range or it may lose the connection.

Audio  Baby   Monitors  Vs Video  Baby   Monitors 

Whether you choose a conventional audio  baby   monitor  or a video  baby   monitor  is really just a matter of personal choice. If having audio  monitor  is sufficient for your needs then a conventional  baby   monitor  will be fine. If on the other hand you prefer to have visual  monitor  of your  baby  and you think that is the safest method, then you should select a video  monitor .

Extreme  Baby  Video  Monitors 

With most video  baby   monitors  a camera is placed in the  baby’s  room and the video receiver is carried by the parent or in the room with the parent. In more recent times, video  monitors  have become even more technologically advanced and you can now  monitor  your  baby  at home from your office.

These video  monitors  are connected to the internet so that the parents can view their  baby  any time from any location with an internet connection.

When people choose this option of having a  monitor  that they can view via the internet, they usually do so to keep an eye on things when their  baby  is being cared for by a nanny or babysitter. Parents can use these ‘nanny cams’ to keep an eye on the nanny and make sure that they are taking good care of their baby.

Another great use of internet connected video  baby   monitors  is for parents that travel a lot with business. With the  baby  video  monitor  they can connect to the internet to get a glance at their  baby  even while they are staying in a hotel room across the country.

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