Sony Baby Monitors – Tuning in to Your Baby

Sony baby monitors are reliable little devices that will help you keep an ear out for your little one.  After the first couple of nights with your newborn baby, you might be wishing that you had installed an adult bed in there along with the nursery crib!  From hourly feedings to diaper changes, your baby will have many nighttime needs, while spending most of the time on that brand new crib mattress – and that’s just during the evening.  Let’s face it – with a newborn baby in the nursery, you’re going to need a reliable baby monitor to make sure that you’re in tune with all of your baby’s wants and needs.  But with all of the models out there today, how can you be sure that you’re choosing a quality monitor for you and your baby?

Luckily, Sony has manufactured some of the best monitors on the market today.  With so many key features on Sony Baby Monitors, you can be sure that your baby will always be within hearing distance.  If you’re looking for a baby monitor that stands out from the competition, then head to your nearest department or nursery store and pick up one today!

The Sony 910 Babycall Nursery Monitor stands out as a leader in baby monitors ($39.50), as it’s highly user-friendly with many important features that make it a worthwhile investment for your peace of mind.  This brilliant baby monitor comes with a rechargeable battery, which more than makes up for the initial price of the monitor; additionally, you’ll rest easy knowing that the battery of your monitor won’t die in the middle of the night.  It’s a monitor that saves money and is there for you when you need it most when it comes to your baby – it’s like a new parent’s dream product!

There are more great benefits to the Sony 910 Babycall Nursery Monitor, including an alarm that goes off when the receiver is too far away from the monitor or loses signal and voice activation control that can only be switched on when your baby makes noise or cries.  It’s a great way to save battery life – and your nerves, since you won’t be jumping at every sound or buzz that the receiver picks up.

Sony hasn’t just left off with their 910 model; in fact, they’ve recently upgraded the original model with the release of the Sony NTM – 910 Dual Baby Monitor, which has two receivers as opposed to the one featured with the Babycall model.   This means that both you and your partner can be in tune with your baby’s needs, giving you twice as much comfort of mind.  Additionally, the 910 Dual Baby Monitor is water-resistant, so you can take it into the shower or bath without fear of ruining its delicate electronics.  It comes with a clip as well, so you can take one of the receivers with you even if you’re popping outside to grab the mail.  Add to the fact that it has over 27 communication channels to minimize interference, and you’ve got yourself a baby monitor that takes out the competition.

Sony baby monitors exemplify what to look for when shopping for a baby monitor.  Don’t just choose the least expensive brand for the sake of saving a few dollars – instead, do yourself a favor by choosing either Sony baby monitors or ones that are of similar design and quality, since you’ll want to make sure that no glitches or dead batteries come between you and staying in tune with your baby’s wants and needs.  It’s a sound investment that will really pay off over during the first few years of your baby’s life, as it will guarantee you significant peace of mind. 

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