I recently purchased a Summer Color  Baby   Monitor , and I don’t know how I manager before without it. I decided to purchase this because, as a new father, I found myself always running up the stairs to check on my new born son every time I heard a noise come from his room. The Summer Infant Day and Night Color  Baby   Monitor  was the answer to all of my prayers, and the many features that came with it really made it a pleasure to use.

The monitor system comes with two main components, the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter is setup in my son’s nursery aimed at his crib, and the receiver goes with me wherever I go. The initial setup was a breeze. I only had to plug the transmitter in, power it on and I was instantly seeing a live, color image of my son on the LCD screen. The transmitter can transmit its video and audio up to 350 feet, so I am never out of range in my home. The Summer Color  Baby   Monitor  also transmit it’s signal at 900MHz, which provides great audio and video quality even when transmitting through walls and floors.

The unit has a built in microphone that produces high quality sound. The receiver has LED lights that react to different sound levels. This allows me to see my son at all times, as well as hear him crystal clear. The video capability can also be turned off, so if I do not need the video, I can choose to use the  monitor  as an audio only  baby   monitor .

An awesome feature of this video monitor that I love is the night vision capability. That’s right, I said night vision! The Summer Color  Baby   Monitor  system has several LED Infrared Lights that allow it to transmit video in total darkness. This proves very helpful when my son’s room is dark, and I still would like to check on him without turning the lights on and waking him up.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Summer Color  Baby   Monitor  to anyone looking for a high quality, and affordable unit. It comes with great features like high resolution color video, high quality sound and night vision capabilities. All of these features really set my mind at ease when I am not able to be right beside my son. I am able to keep a watchful eye on him from any room in the house.I paid around 140 dollars for this unit, which is a great deal for the amount of included features, and the piece of mind I get from using it.

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