Summer Day and Night Baby Monitor

Are you looking for information on summer day and night baby monitors? Well if you are you have come to the right place! I wrote this article to provide you with a review about this baby monitor and also to give you access to a wide rang of these summer products.

Advantages of Having One

– You do not need to constantly check on your child when she is sleeping, which means you do not disturb her sleep.

– You have peace of mind that your child is safe while not next to you.

– It gives you more freedom and you can be at ease when putting your little one down to sleep or even in her playpen to play.


– There are absolutely no disadvantages to having a monitor because it ensure your baby is safe at all times.

Features of this monitor

1. It has a multi-purpose infra-red camera so you can see your child at all times during the night.

2. It has 3 channel Selection.

3. It has a portable 5″ black and white screen that displays a clear picture.

4. Quick on/off view button.

5. It has a range of 100 meters.

6. And the unit has sound lights that flicker with every movement made.

Over All Review

This summer day and night baby monitor is a great product as it can be used for when your child is very young to keep an eye when sleeping and then it can be used when the child is a little older, so you can supervise play when not in the same room as your child. If you desire not to have the screen on you can simply just turn it off, however you can still use the unit to listen in. You can also get a second camera so you can supervise not only the one room put two rooms at once!

Did You Know?

It won mother and baby best value award in September 2007.

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