Summer Infant 02580 Color Flat Screen Video Baby Monitor – 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy

The market houses hundreds of models of baby monitors, from simple audio monitors/radio transmitters to the more advanced video monitors. Video baby monitors, however, have become a common trend. More parents are considering this type because of the versatility and flexibility that most of its models provide. One great example is the Summer Infant 02580 Color Flat Screen Video Baby Monitor, a top-rated monitor that has truly captured the interest and gained the trust of many parents.

With hundreds of video monitors available today, it’s pretty hard to choose the best one. To find the best deal in these monitors, below are three of the most important things that you may want to consider before shopping.


This is one important feature of a video monitor that matters a lot. Basically, the smaller the monitor, the easier it is for you to carry it around the house or even during travel. Make sure, however, that the screen monitor is big enough for you to see every movement and activity that your baby makes.


Basic baby video monitors include a built-in carry handle, rechargeable battery and AC adapters, mounting options for the parents’ unit, wall anchor, and security clips. You might also want to consider video monitors that are built with a state-of-the art screen color picture display that provide superior picture quality and a 900 MHz technology for better reception and sound quality.


Determine your budget before purchasing. Compared to audio baby monitors, video monitors are quite expensive, with their price reaching up to $300. The good thing, however, is that there are a lot of stores that offer this device at discounted prices. If you’ll spend time searching and comparing prices, you’ll definitely find a piece that is not just inexpensive, but is also packed with all the features you’ll ever need.

A baby video monitor has become a must-have device for parents. The greatest advantage of having such device is the freedom that it provides parents to leave their babies at the nursery while still being able to constantly monitor and check on them.

If you’re looking for the best video baby monitor, you don’t need to look further as the Summer Infant 02580 Color Flat Screen Video Baby Monitor has all the elements and features you’ll ever need. And if you’ve been searching for stores that offer video baby monitors at the lowest possible prices, your search might just end here.

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