Summer Infant Day and Night Video Monitor Review

Before deciding upon a baby monitor to purchase, my wife and I researched, contemplated, and hesitated for a long time before settling on the Summer Infant Video Monitor. I am sort of a technology nerd (so my wife says anyway … well, OK so I am …) and I have used audio monitors from many various well known high end brands before and figured that they would suit our needs just fine.

That was before my tech geekyness finally got the best of me when I was thinking how cool it would be to be able to watch our new bundle of joy sleeping without the risk of interrupting nappy time. Not only that, but also you could clearly identify if your child was in danger (leg caught in the crib bars for example).

I had the unit up and running within 10 minutes of unboxing the Summer Infant Video Monitor. The cord that is attached to the camera is more than adequate length which allowed me flexibility as to where we could place it. At first, there was a little static on channel A, but as soon as I switched to B, everything was crisp and clear. I have since tested channel A again and have found no static. Could have been some random interference I guess.

There are a lot of features that I really like about this baby monitor and a few minor gripes. I would have really liked to have had the option of more than two channels. Just a personal preference I guess. Most people will probably pick a channel and never utilize more than one anyway. The receiver unit is somewhat bulky for wearing on your belt, but comes with a sturdy belt clip so that you have the option to carry the monitor hands free if you really need to.

One thing that I really like about this baby monitor is that I am able to control the volume and contrast with dials that are located on the side of the handset. The on / off switch is logically located on the top right of the handset. I like that they did not try to over complicate things by trying to incorporate some kind of touch screen with menus to navigate through. Operation of the unit is simple and straightforward.

Many reviews that I read complained about the screen being too small and the resolution not being good enough. After owning the Summer Infant Video Monitor for some time now, I have to disagree with those reviews. I am using this monitor to check on my kid and see if he is asleep or not. I really have no need to own a high definition video baby monitor that I could spot a gnat on the wall across the room with.

For its intended use, a video nursery monitor, the refresh rate and video quality is more than adequate. Although most will purchase this monitor solely for the video features, I will say that the audio quality on this monitor is superb. And that's saying something coming from an audiophile such as myself!

In conclusion, I highly recommend this monitor if you are looking for a good quality video nursery monitor that will not break the bank.

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