Summers Baby Video Monitor and Your Infant

The Summers Baby Video Monitor is a must have for all new parents. It’s a great feeling when your baby finally does fall asleep and you and your spouse can have some time to yourselves, but what if? What if God forbid something happens to your baby when your not there? What if, God forbid your baby rolls over and stops breathing? It is a real concern these days with SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome being a real issue.

Doctors to this day still don’t know exactly what can cause SIDS in infants. There are many theories but no solid facts. The only facts are that this awful occurrence happens in babies under the age of 1, and usually within the first 2-6 months of their lives. If only all parents were monitoring their babies as they slept there would be so many less unnecessary tragedies.

One of the solutions is that you need to have the safety and security of a good quality monitoring device like the Summers Baby Video Monitor to reduce the danger and possibility of anything going wrong in the babies room while you are not around. Time is of the essence when something goes wrong with your baby and you only have seconds to spare.

Technology has come a long way over the past few years and the Summers Baby Video Monitor takes advantage of some of that new technology.

Crystal clear reception throughout your house is a must and this fits the bill better than most. In addition, the Summers Baby Video Monitor has a huge, almost 2 inch color monitor on the handset so you can keep a close eye on your baby while he or she is asleep. The monitor switches to a black and white view in its night mode.

Why take chances with your precious baby when you don’t have to. See the Summers Baby Video Monitor here

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