While shopping around for a baby video monitor you're sure to have come across the Summer Baby Video Monitor. There are certain features that you expect to come standard on a baby video monitor, but do not take anything for granted. Do your research and you'll be much happier with your purchase. The first thing to check in the specifications is the range of the monitor. It must be sufficient for the size house that you live in. You can not get a monitor with a top range of 100 'when you'll be 150' away most of the time. The Summer Baby Video Monitor system provides an astounding range of up to 350 feet (dwarfing the capabilities of most baby monitors). And with the fact that it utilizes 900MHz technology, parents can rest assured that they will get a clear video and audio readout each time.

The Summer Baby Video Monitor system starts were these leave off and moves on to some really cool options that you'll want to have when buying a baby monitor. One of the valuable features that it has is a larger screen than most others. This amazing monitoring system comes with a large, wireless 7 inch LCD screen as compared to a 2 "screen that is standard with most manufacturers. Not only that, but it also comes with an additional hand-held unit for parents that features a color display of almost 2 inches wide. Many parents love this addition because it allows them to continue to be mobile while still being able to easily check on the child.

This baby monitoring system LCD screen comes with a unique tilt and swivel design. Unlike most baby video monitors that just "sit there" and can at times be harder to see the screen from the angle the parents are sitting at, the Summer Baby Video Monitor LCD screen can easily be adjusted so that the parents always have the best view of their child.

Another unique feature of this monitoring system is it's LCD light sound option. This is convenient when you are trying to keep noise to a minimum (especially when parents have multiple children), but still want to monitor a child. Users can turn off the audio and use the LCD light sound option where a visual red light comes on in place of the audio.

The amounts of features that you could ask for on a baby monitor are endless. It is used to protect the most fragile members of the family and parents want to have peace of mind when it comes to the equipment that they are entrusting to effective monitor their children. Basically, what parents need to do is find a model that has at least the basic functions. Then compare it to a model that has all the bells and whistles that you are looking for. Although the Summer Baby Video Monitor system may not be the cheapest product available, it's many options make it a choice that should be consider by parents looking for an ideal and effective baby monitoring system.

Source by Babies & Kiddos