The Best Uses of a Video Baby Monitor

For any parent, nothing is more important than the welfare of his or her child. Especially when the child is still an infant, he cannot do things on his own, more specifically, defend himself against anything that may harm him; thus, a parent would always want to make certain that his child is safe and comfortable all the time.

One of the wonders of technology is that it makes possible for us to do two things at the same time. Take for example watching over your child while doing the laundry, talking on the phone, preparing dinner or doing any other activity. How do you do it then? It’s simple with a video  baby   monitor . This device allows you to remotely look after your baby as he sleeps or plays with his toys. It’s very helpful and convenient nowadays to have a video  baby   monitor  as it helps you keep an eye on what your  baby  does or listen to what he says, whether he’s calling for you or is crying because he is wet, sleepy or hungry.

Through a video  baby   monitor , you never miss a moment checking out your  baby  while you work on something else in another room in your house. You need not pay for a nanny to watch over your child as he sleeps and you need not worry going away from your  baby  because you have another important thing to attend to–all you need is a video  baby   monitor .


A video  baby   monitor  device features a simplex radio transmitter and receiver system. This system includes a microphone, which is positioned near you baby so it can pick up sounds that your baby is making, and a receiver (with a speaker), which you can carry around the house with you. Many video  baby   monitors  nowadays have self-filtering microphones for superior sound clarity.

The video  baby   monitor  also features digital cameras placed near your  baby  and a lightweight colored LCD or black and white screen that simultaneously displays video of your baby’s activities. The monitor may look like a wireless phone with display screen or a small portable TV.

Hand held video  baby   monitor  may also be available with a belt clip or a flip stand so you can conveniently carry it around or place it on top of your desk. More advanced models have added features like movement sensors and vibrating alert on the receiver.

Powering a video  baby   monitor  are batteries that are usually rechargeable. A good video  baby   monitor  battery can last up to ten hours. The transmitter, however, may need to be plugged into a socket.


Frequency used by video  baby   monitors  varies. It can be as low as 40 MHz, 900 MHz or even 2.4 GHz. The higher the frequency, the clearer the video and sound is and the wider the range is. Since a video  baby   monitor  uses a wireless transmission system, it is possible that the transmission can be picked up by another user, so most new models nowadays have features that let the user choose bands.

Duplex Video  Baby   Monitor 

This type of video  baby   monitor  has transceivers that let you communicate with your  baby . It’s called duplex video  baby   monitor  because of its 2-way sound monitoring system.

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