The BT 150 Digital Baby Monitor – Is it Value For Money?

Whether you have got a new born baby or are expecting your new arrival, sleepless nights and tiredness are never far from the conversation. Getting the right  baby   monitor  is essential. There has been a lot of raving reviews about the BT 150 digital  baby   monitor  from hundreds of happy parents but is it really as good as it sounds?

One of the problems many monitors have is that they give off an annoying hiss and tend to pick up every little movement. This can destroy an anxious parents nights sleep as you will stir every time there is a noise even if there is no need. Your baby may be sleeping soundly and simply moving around, which they do a lot!

A good  baby   monitor  should have the ability to filter out this hissing which sounds rather like white noise and only pick up on relevant noises like crying and distress. Another invaluable feature that a good quality  baby   monitor  will have is a two way talk system built in. This means that if your  baby  or toddler wakes up in the night and just needs some reassurance, you can speak to them via the  monitor  to give them words of comfort without having to physically get out of bed. This is much easier than having to get up and visit your child and lets you get back to your valuable sleep far more quickly.

A good range is essential as well or you may find that you are totally tied to a short distance so catching up on a bit of gardening or relaxing in your summerhouse is out of the question unless you are prepared to keep going back to your house every five minutes to check your baby is still asleep.

Night lights and lullabies are also much valued features of a high quality  baby   monitor  as they can both provide soothing comfort and aid night time feeds and changes without overstimulating your  baby  to wake fully.

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