The Essential Baby Checklist

When your baby is born what you really don’t need is to be rushing off to the shops for muslins and another nursing bra. So we’ve put together a shopping checklist which includes everything you’ll need to see you through those first six weeks.

Do remember that the only two things you need to buy new are the carseat and your baby’s mattress. Everything else – clothes, travel system, baby bath etc – can all be borrowed or snapped up at a local NCT sale. And don’t forget to write a wishlist. Friends and family are going to shower you with gifts galore so steer them gently (but firmly!) towards what you actually need.

Sites like Raising Kids, Think Baby and Babyworld have heaps of advice and product reviews so before you splash out do your research!

And when you’re ready to hit the shops make life easier by doing it online. Our favourite stores like John Lewis, Mamas and Papas and Daisy and Tom all have excellent websites with good customer service and returns policies.

Carseat, check. Change bag, check. Baby, check!


New car seat

Cot (including sheets, blankets and a new mattress)

Travel system, pram or buggy

Sling or baby carrier

  Baby   monitor 


Six sleepsuits/long sleeved suits

Six vests/ short sleeved suits

Two cardigans/ jackets

Shawl or snow suit

Hat, mittens and bootees


Breast pads

If bottle feeding or mixing breast and bottle you’ll need:

Nursing bra and Bottles/teats/bottle brush

Breast pump

Steam steriliser

Bibs and muslins (galore!)

Changing and bathing

Changing mat


Cotton wool pads

Baby lotion

Baby wipes

Bath thermometer

Baby bath

Nail scissors

Nappy sacks or nappy disposal system

Change bag

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