The Extra Tall Baby Gate

The extra tall baby gate is the perfect gate for the climbing toddler. Most of these safety gates are made thirty nine inches high. That is additional three inches higher than the common gate. It is made of heavy duty metal and some are re-enforced with steel braces. Keeping a curious climbing toddler from hazards in the house can be a difficult task. These features make this gate the top choice for such a task.

The Bindaboo Hallway Security Gate, Dream Baby Extra Tall Swing Close Gate, Tee Zed Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Safety Gate, and Summer Infant Sure and Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate  are a few of the popular models. These gates range in price from $60-$120. Typically these gates are made of white metal but a few brands make them out of wood.

This gate can be used virtually anywhere in the house, wherever there are hazards or areas of the house children or pets are not allowed. With that said, not every gate is recommended for top of the stairs use. Although this is a recommendation and gates not recommended to be used at the top of the stairs have been used in such a manner and have not had a breach in safety.

Some of these gates have great features such as the automatic close and lock feature. This would be a huge benefit if the gate was being used to keep children or animals in on room. The adult could pass through quickly and have the gate close and lock quickly, preventing from any children or pets escaping.

Another popular feature is the open and close with one hand feature. This feature is great that is extremely easy to use. It is ideal for the adult passing through the gate while holding an object or child. No longer does the adult have to put done the object or child to open and close the gate. These features are not found on all gates but could be options to look for when choosing a safety gate.

As with any purchase, be sure to research the brand before making the purchase. Often times websites that sell the gates give customer feedback. This feedback should be considered before making a purchase. Also be sure the dimensions of the gate fit the space that needs to be filled. Should the gate be too small for the doorway, most brands do offer extensions for an additional price.

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