The Father and the Baby

The relationship between a father and his baby develops more slowly and it has to cross a lot of stages in order to manifest itself truly. If the mother-baby relationship appears more spontaneously and more naturally, being favoured from a lot of points of view. There are a lot of unique moments from the birth and until the breastfeeding period, the relationship between the daddy and the baby manifesting itself in more ways. Find out what a father has to do to get along well with his baby.

Taking care of the baby is one of the essential ways of developing a relationship fast. What the daddy has to understand is that he does not have to be like a second mother for the baby. He does not have to copy the mother in most of the situations and he should not want to take her place either. For instance, bottle feeding the baby when they wake up in the morning might be a good solution for the baby getting attached by their father. Of course, this rule only applies if the baby is not exclusively breastfed during the night, too.

Then, a father should pay very much attention to the direct contact with his baby. babies do not see very well until the age of six months. This is why it is recommended that the parents' faces stay in front of the baby. This way, they can recognize the faces easier and they can get used to them, too. Thus, another way of building a relationship between a father and his baby involves the daddy smiling at the baby, talking to them, messing around and staying in front of them.

Also, it is very important that the father holds his baby. This is an easy way of developing a relationship between the two. It does not matter if this happens when the baby cries, when they are fed, when they are put to sleep or when they play, this being one of the most important steps a father should take towards having a good relationship with his baby. The more the father holds the baby, the sooner comes the attachment and the two will be best friends forever.

Then, pay attention that the baby should be taken to the bath tub by their mother first. It is the baby's fragility or their need to get used to the way they should be bathed that forces the mother to be the first one to take this step. However, all these obstacles can be overcome and there is no reason why the daddy could not do these things and bathe his baby. Moreover, they can bathe together and they can also play during this time.

There is also the reading part. This is one of the best ways of developing your baby's language skills, but mothers are more recommended for this. However, daddies can also do this and it would be a lot better for them if they got involved in such activities with their babies because this is the safest way of developing a good relationship with their babies.

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