The Features of High Quality Baby Bottles

While it is true that nothing can compare with mother’s breast as the real milk-feeding vessel for the baby, there are times when a feeding bottle is more appropriate. It is one of the main reasons why baby bottles are still very much alive in the market up to this day. And the makers of these feeding vessels work to continuously improve the quality of their products in order to give babies a near-real feeding experience.

Here are some of the most important features of good baby bottles:

1. Anti-Vacuum Skirt Valve

Good feeding bottles should have a feature that can prevent the bottle from creating a vacuum. This can help to avert the possibility of the baby swallowing air instead of milk. The swallowing of air during feeding cause gas pains.

2. Soft Nipples

Feeding time is one of the most important moments for the baby because it is the time for her to feel the closeness of her mother. The use of a soft artificial nipple that can mimic the performance of the real one can help to make the baby feel that she is feeding from her mother. The feeling can make her really comfortable.

Another important point to consider in choosing nipples is their durability and being odorless. Nipples that break easily can trigger accidents that might choke the baby. They should also have the property not to take up unfamiliar scents because this can cause the baby to lose appetite.

3. Easy to Clean

The cleaning process is one of the most common issues many mothers face with baby milk bottles. These feeding vessels need to be cleaned thoroughly to protect the baby from bacteria that can cause diseases and infections. Babies are so fragile and they can easily catch diseases because their immune systems are not yet fully developed. Baby bottles that are washable manually or with the use of a dishwasher are the ones recommended by pediatricians. Clean bottles can help to keep the baby safe from infections.

4. Durable Sealer Rings that Prevent Spillage

Many mothers make the mistake of over-tightening the lid. They do this because they believe that tightening the lid can seal all the gaps in between the mouth of the bottle and the lid. While this is rather true, over-tightening the lid can actually damage the sealer ring that closes all gaps. Durable sealer rings are important to keep the bottle spill-proof no matter how tight its lid is.

5. Consistency of Lid Design

This is a very important factor as far as the economic benefits of feeding bottles are concerned. With a consistent lid design, mothers don’t need to buy a new set when only the lid or nipple is damaged; they only need to buy a replacement for the damaged part. This will help mothers save on costs especially now that feeding bottles are very durable. It’s difficult for them to break and there’s hardly any reason why you need to replace them when only its lid or nipple is destroyed.

It is true that nothing can replace the benefits of mother’s milk and the feel of real nipples. But there are times when the use of milk feeding bottles is necessary. This should be carried out with the use of baby bottles that can make the baby feel the real bliss of every feeding experience.

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