The Benefits of The Uniden Security Camera System:

Protection – In large cities, suburbs, or rural areas, you need protection. Protection from intruders, vandals, and thieves. This surveillance camera provides that protection. You can place up to four cameras at different locations around your home, business, or acreage. The 3.5″ color monitor displays bright images during the day and black and white “night vision” images after the sun sets. One monitor can display images from all four cameras in QUAD mode or it will auto-cycle at 5-20 second intervals. The cameras may be placed as far as 500 feet from the monitor.

Wireless – The beauty of this camera system is it’s completely wireless.The cameras and the monitor both have rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. The cameras can operate for 4 hours between charges and the monitor has an 8 hour usable time. There are no wires connecting the cameras to the monitor, so you can move the cameras anywhere you want within the 500′ range. The wireless surveillance system uses 2.4 digital FHSS, which means zero interference from other devices and prevents any hacking into your system.

Baby Monitor – A lot of parents are replacing their baby monitors costing as much or more than the Uniden Security Camera. The picture and audio quality are superior to most of the baby monitors on the market. Interference is non-existent. And you can run multiple cameras if you want to keep track of more than one baby/child.

Business – It can be set up or attached to an included mounting bracket at a vulnerable location on your business premises to prevent vandalism or theft. It can also be used to keep track of employee productivity levels.

Source by Babies & Kiddos