The Wonders of Natural Family Planning

Natural family planning is very safe, easy and effective method of planning to achieve or avoid pregnancy, anybody or family can use it, it works. Learn how to manage your life and family without any danger of side effects associated with using some methods of family planning especially pills and coils. In this article I am going to try to introduce you to a Natural Method of Family Planning that will put your mind to rest, give you the opportunity to get pregnant when you and your spouse are ready to do so. You can even plan and determine the sex of the baby, learn to overcome delays in pregnancy, and teach others this wonder of GOD.

You can begin to learn a method of family planning which is natural, you will not need to use any medical aids, you will not need drugs, no medical operation is necessary. It is a Natural Family Planning which is based upon observation of your own body as a woman and this method have proved to record high success rate more than many people can imagine or believe. The only thing is that you have to study this method with your husband or wife; you need his/her cooperation and assistance to make any meaningful progress in this quest. It works best when the couples study it together; ask questions from each other as they go. The wife is in the very center of the show, she is the one every observation is focused on, so she needs to pay even more attention to every detail of what is contained herein.

The cooperation of both partners is very essential, and lack of proper understanding of this method is the only reason for the failure of natural family planning method. You need to really understand this method, follow it religiously and you will be placed on the driver seat of pregnancy control in your life and family. However, God is sovereign; He can do what He wants to do with anybody at any point in time. Generally, the various natural family methods that will be emphasized in this presentation has been proved to be more than 96% effective in achieving or avoiding pregnancy, more than 95% success rate in pre-determining the sex of the baby and about 90% in fostering unity, and understanding among couples around the world.

Therefore, what you have in your hand (this article) is a very effective and potent formula that is not only going to work for you but it will also place you in the driver position as far as the vehicle of your married life is concerned. Take it serious as you study every point and as you read through make notes and revise each point. You may also need to go back to some pages again and again to be double sure that you are doing the right things. Most of the things you will learn are simple instructions which are capable of producing result that will astound you and your spouse.

Let me assure you that what you are reading was learned by my wife and I when we started our journey as husband and wife. We were blessed and opportune to come in contact with a book titled, “Love and Life” by one Dr Leonie McSweeney. The more I read the book, the more I became convinced that what was written there was going to do my wife and me a lot of good. True to it, that book became the very foundation for our knowledge of family planning which has helped us over a period of more than fifteen years now. The book taught us the rudiments of the Billings Ovulation Method, and ever since we started using it, we have not been disappointed in any way.

We agreed and decided that we wanted 5 children in the following order; the first a boy, the second a girl, the third a boy, the forth a girl, and the fifth a boy. We were able to achieve our goal because Billings Ovulation Method teaches people not only how to achieve or avoid pregnancy, it also enlightens on how to pre-determine the sex of your next baby. At the onset, we had the privilege of having a powerful formula for family planning, all by accident because we do not know who gave us the book or how we got it but it is sure we never bought it. If you take your time to study this on the internet through billings ovulation method website, a formula will be unfolded to you that will erase every doubt and make you comfortable with your desired future.

You can freely learn more about Billings Ovulation Methods on the internet using Google search.

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