Top 5 Benefits of Luvs Diapers

In this article, I am going to take a closer look at Luvs baby diapers. Luvs disposable diapers are a baby product that has been a household name for years and is a great solution for parents looking for a high quality baby diaper at an affordable price.

Some of the top benefits of Luvs diapers are:

1.) These diapers are very absorbent. They feature a very absorbent middle core that performs very well at keeping the wetness in, but away from the babies delicate skin. This is further enhanced by the luvs diapers elastic legs, which further improve the leak protection by keeping everything in check. This protection is one of the top benefits of the Luvs diaper.

2.) Another top benefit of Luvs is how comfortable they are. They have a much more fabric feel…soft like cotton. Other brands of diapers tend to have a crunchy feel. These feel more like a cloth diaper. The contour shape further enhances this comfort. It allows for easy movement without worry of the diaper sagging or falling off. The stretchy leg cuffs also solidify the notion of mobility. Your baby will be able to move with ease and also have less chance of chaffing.

3.) The Luvs baby diapers also feature Velcro tabs for closing the diaper. This is a very nice feature for all us parents that check them 100 times a day. Each time you open and close the tabs, rest assured that you will always have a nice seal so you won’t be wasting diapers due to them falling off.

4.) The difference in price between Luvs baby diapers and other brands is substantial and an added benefit in this economy. I’ve done the math and found that Luvs are $.04 less in price per diaper than other popular brands. Doesn’t really sound like a whole lot, but when you multiply it out by 10 diapers a day by 365 days, the savings is $146.

5.) The last benefit of Luvs diapers is the guarantee they have. It says a lot about a company and the belief they have in their products when they clearly state in writing the money back guarantee they offer. Called the Luvs Ultra Leak Guard Guarantee, it simply states that if you are not satisfied with the leak protection provided, you get your money back.

The benefits of Luvs disposable diapers can really help parents in many ways and make the job of being a new parent just a tiny bit easier while also saving a few dollars.

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