Top Baby Monitors Review

If you`re in the market for a  baby   monitor , there are popular selling models that are sure to fit your needs. These are top selling brands that come in a variety of colors and have many features that go beyond the basic  baby   monitor .

 Baby   monitors  have come a long way since they were first invented. In the past they were huge walkie talkie looking devices that usually came in a cream color and had horrible reception. Now  baby   monitors  come with video monitors, MPS players and blue booth accessibility! It truly is a technological world where even babies can live in the spot light of modern day conveniences.

There are several great  baby   monitors  available. The first one to mention comes in a soft pink color, so if you know you`re having a girl then this is the perfect girly monitor for you! It is called the Summer infant  baby  quiet sounds hand held  monitor . This device is light weight, with a colored camera and a 1.8 inch screen. It also has a two channel selection and night vision, so you can see what they are doing in the dark. There are also sound lights for visual display of audio noise.

Another Summer product, this  monitor  is called the Summer infant  baby  quiet sound color handheld video  monitor . This monitor comes in blue and comes with a rechargeable battery, color camera with 1.8 inch screen. Night vision for optimal viewing in the dark and a power saver feature that turns off after three minutes.

Safety 1st  baby  figure  monitor  is the perfect monitor for anyone who wants to keep connected to friends and music. This electronic device allows even the busiest caregiver to listen to a 2GB MP3 player and access blue-tooth technology. IT also gives you a pager feature and talk back option, so when one person is upstairs the other can communicate back and forth with them…makes it more handy then yelling up the stairs. It also has a rechargeable base and has a classy black glossy look to it.

Philips Avent DECT  baby   monitor  is another great model to pick from. It offers a zero interference feature, which is perfect for not picking up truck driver signals or neighboring monitors. It also has a belt clip and neck cord so you can keep busy while keeping your monitor with you; it has a continuous connection between two units and offers a 33 meter range and secure reception.

Fisher Price private connection monitor with dual receivers is a monitor with lots of excellent caregiver reviews. Many people love the ten channel option for ideal privacy controls. It also offers a 5″ LED light display that highlights the baby`s sounds and gives you an idea of when the rechargeable battery is going to run out. It is a monitor with dual receivers for optimal performance.

When you are shopping for a  baby   monitor , try to decide if you want one with a monitor for viewing or not. Some people will use this feature, while other people won`t. Also try and think about what features would suit you best. Are you a music fan? Perhaps having one that will allow a baby`s cry to cut in on your favorite song is the one you need, or if you will be checking in on your infant at night, perhaps a night vision camera is the one. These are popular models that will be sure to please.

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