Top Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Expecting Moms

A baby shower is such an exciting event. The celebration of your friend’s baby-to-be along with knowing that you’re helping your friend get prepared for motherhood is a wonderful thing. If you’re already a mom you might have some great gift ideas, but here are the top items that moms use most often and these make wonderful baby shower gifts.

These gifts are thoughtful and very useful and will help your pregnant friend get off to a great start as a new parent. Most items come in different styles and prices so plan your budget first and then start looking at gift options. There are so many great baby items to choose from, but if you pick a gift that will make your friend’s life easier then she’ll thank you for years to come.

Gift #1 Baby Monitor – A baby monitor is a device that allows mommies to keep an “ear” out for their little one when baby is in bed and mom is in another room. Baby monitors come in many different variations from being only audio to audio and video. If you give one of these to an expecting friend she will definitely get peace of mind when she’s able to monitor her baby’s coos and cries from a far.

Gift #2 Baby Bouncer – Baby bouncers are a great baby shower gift. Moms can put their newborn in the bouncer and their baby will have a comfy place to nap and play. Bouncers come in many shapes and sizes. Most come with a toy bar that includes dangling toys that baby’s just love to touch. It’s amazing how long a cute little toy on a string can occupy a newborn. Once the baby gets tired of playing, the bundle of joy can nap in the bouncer. Some bouncers have a battery operated rocking mechanism that gently rocks baby to sleep. Other bouncers have adjustable seats so you can change the seat height for fun bouncing time, play time or lay it down for nap time. You can also find ones with a built in music box. Baby’s and moms love bouncers so this makes a wonderful gift.

Gift #3 Baby Bathers and Tubs: A baby bather is a soft seat with mesh that keeps a baby safe during bath time. You use the bather inside a regular tub and you can use a wash cloth to clean your baby’s gentle skin. A baby tub is an infant size tub that you place inside a regular tub. The mom fills the small tub with just enough water to use during bath time. This prevents the chance of accidental drowning. Your friend will thank you for getting this. It’s one of those things that many expecting moms aren’t aware of until they start experiencing the challenges of baby bath time.

Gift #4 Diaper Pail: This may sound like a stinky gift, but it’s actually one of the most used items in a nursery and your friend will thank you greatly for it. A Diaper pail is exactly what it sounds like; a pail that holds dirty diapers. Diaper pails are fancy diaper trash cans where you toss dirty diapers after every diaper change. The pails are designed to trap odor to keep the nursery smelling fresh and dirty diapers go in a bag that is later removed from the pail and thrown in the trash. This is a must have for every nursery and makes a wonderful baby shower gift.

Gift #5 Diaper Bag and Accessories – A diaper bag is used to carry lots more than just diapers. Moms use diaper bags to carry all the little items that baby’s need throughout the day and believe me baby’s need a lot of stuff such as bottles, wipes, diapers, burp clothes, blankets, change of clothes, little toys and more. Diaper bags come in many shapes, sized and colors so you might want to pick out the accessories before the bag to make sure that everything fits. You can also select one that comes in your friend’s favorite color. If you give a mother-to-be a fully stocked diaper bag she’ll be ecstatic! You’ll prepare her for her first day out on the town with her newborn and she’ll be so grateful. This is a wonderful baby shower gift.

Remember, when picking out a baby shower gift it’s important to get an item that you know will make your friend’s life as a mom easier. Adjusting to parenthood can be a challenge and having the items that make caring for a newborn simpler can make all the difference. If you choose an item from our top 5 gift list your friend is sure to get off to a good start as a new mom and your gift will be a hit at the baby shower.

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