Top Five Baby Gift Basket Themes

Baby gift baskets are becoming more and more popular. At a party it makes bringing stuff home for the gift recipient a little easier. You can create a gift basket out of any theme you want. The theme can be relevant to an activity.

1 – Bath Time Basket: A bath time gift basket can be filled with:

– Bathrobe

– Towels & Washcloths

– Bath Toys – such as a rubber ducky

– Bath Water Thermometer- to make sure the water is not too hot.

– Soaps and Lotions

Afterwards the basket can be used to keep bath time items organized. Once bath time comes along, all mom or dad will have to do is bring the basket along with the baby to the bathtub.

2 – Feeding Time basket: A feeding time gift basket can be filled with:

– Bottles

– Sippy Cups

– Bowls

– Utensils

– Bibs

– Burping Clothes

– Bottle Cleaning Supplies

Even though a new baby will not use a bow, sippy cup and utensils right away, it’s always convenient for the parents to have it in the house for when they are ready to use it.

3 – Sleep Time: A sleep time gift basket can be filled with:

– A Blanket

– Calming Lotions & Soaps- to calm the baby before bed

– Book – for a bed time story

– Teddy Bear

– Lullaby CD

4 – Reading Time: A reading time gift basket can be filled with a variety of books. You may want to include a personalized name book in the basket. That is a great keepsake. You can even make a reading theme based on an author.

For example: If you choose to have a Dr. Seuss theme basket, you may want to include stories such as:

– The Cat in the Hat

– Horton Hears a Who

– Green Eggs and Ham

You can also include Dr. Seuss stuffed animals, such as:

– Horton

– The Cat in the Hat

– Thing 1 and Thing 2.

5 – Memory Gift Basket: A memory gift basket can be a great starter kit for mom and dad to save and record precious memories. In a memory gift basket you can include:

– Scrapbook

– Scrapbook Stickers

– Photo Album

– Memory Book

– Picture Frames

A baby will grow up so fast right before your eyes. The only evidence that will remain that he or she was once a baby is memories. You want to be able to treasure and cherish the babies’ first tooth, and reminisce about how small your babies’ hands and feet were when he or she was born. Memories last a lifetime.

You can also create gift baskets based on a character theme such as Barney or Elmo. You can even have animal, baseball or princess themed baskets. Gift Baskets are inexpensive to buy and also easy to make. The next time you go to a baby shower or first birthday, consider bringing a gift basket with you as a gift.

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