Top Four Personalized Gifts For Baby

Nobody wants to be a drop in the ocean and just a Tom or Jane in the crowd. It applies to the giver and receiver of the gift. The person giving the gift wants to stamp his or her individuality on the gift for the one and only special baby in the world. This calls for personalized baby gifts. In days gone by this was the norm when granny knitted and granddad did some whittling wonders. But today nobody has the time and yet the urge to personalize the gift remains strong.

In the age of the Internet the impossible is possible – one can pick up personalized baby gifts galore just by clicking and then ordering giving some specific instructions. It will be a tailor made gift.

o One such customized delight is a sports table that has been handcrafted. The set comes with a table and tools whose tops resemble basketballs. The table corners hold grooves for balls. Then there is another set depicting bold images of pirates and ships on the backs of two chairs. The tabletop is replete with maps and treasure chests. Extra chairs are optional.

o A great customized gift is a pillow personalized with the name of the baby on it. The full name can be drawn on a large pillow while the initials can be put on the smaller version. Even the birth dates can be written on the pillows. There is a special elephant pillow with which to celebrate baby’s birthdays. It is hand painted and is made from either cotton or linen. The bulky elephant with raised trunk occupies the centre stage of the pillow while the edging is in delicate shades of blue or pink polka dots.

o Another way of personalizing gifts within a short time is to arrange a basket full of goodies. Some online shops have ready-made baskets for all occasions but this is something that can be done quickly individually. The first thing is picking up the basket or box that can be used later. The next is to put in articles that match. For the newcomer the basket may contain a jumble of clothes, diapers, pacifiers, bottles, baby-book and a kit for saving the tiny foot prints. Another basket can be bath time special with washcloths, mats, towel with a duck appliquéd on it, satin covered hangers and gentle baby soap fashioned into animal figures. A CD of personally chosen lullabies and nursery tunes will give the individual stamp. Another hamper can be full of toys from teddy bears to pull-alongs and huggable Raggedy Ann.

o A psychologist once pointed out that in choosing gifts for the little one we are actually projecting our own unfulfilled desires. We are satisfying ourselves more than the child. What does baby really love to play with? It delights in fingering clay, splashing in water, running its hands through sand and chasing butterflies. The clay can be replaced with plasticine but while the latter carries the risk of being toxic nature’s gifts like mud and water are free, fun and safe.

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