Two For the Price of One – Your Samsung 23 Inch LCD As a Computer Monitor

You know you got a good bargain when your purchase serves you more functions than you think you need. Is not that one great good deal? Here's how your LCD TV can function as a computer monitor.

LCD monitors seems to have bigger advantage than the usual monitors because of their quality resolution and sleeker design. Because of the liquid crystal display system, an LCD monitor produces almost 17 million colors making the tiniest shades recognized. Their thin and sleek design makes them convenient to display because of the space it saves. They are likewise very light and easy to carry around or transfer from one location to another.

The double usage of an LCD – that being a computer monitor and that being a pure entertainment television, gives the consumers a value for their money. LCDs have built in TV tuner to function both as a computer monitor and an entertainment unit. The audio visual inputs that allow speakers and subwoofers to be connected adds more entertainment to the LCD owners.

Most LCDs work on the technology of congesting unnecessary colors from the white scale. They have numerous pixels that twist and turn to form proper angles to produce a picture. These pixels are lighted by a thin lamp behind the screen. Because of this, the LCD designs become compact and slim. Moreover, LCDs particularly the Samsung 32 Inch Flat Screens offer superb viewing angles.

They also have non-glare screens that make viewing easy and comfortable for the eyes. When the unit is placed on a bright room, the light does not affect the viewing quality; the image will be as crisp and clear as in a dark room.

The usual size of LCD monitors range from 19 to 60 inches or even larger. There are also smaller sizes that come in 14 and 17 inches. Usually, LCD monitors produces quality image regardless of the size.

However, some complain that LCD have high burn rates and that the pictures persist on the pixels for quite a time. Some also experienced that their monitors can not run high-density games. This may be because of the HDTV feature not present in some LCD TVs. A ghosting effect is also noticed and complained. Some also complain about the buttons being small. Remember that LCDs are made to be thin and sleek in design so smaller buttons are used to maintain this feature. However, consider the fact that the top brands are now doing extra refinements and enhancements to further develop the LCD technology.

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