Two Room Baby Monitor – 3 Things to Consider When Buying One

If you have more than one young child that needs to be  monitored  while you’re not in the room, it pays for you to invest in a two room  baby   monitor . This is a great innovation because before this, parents had to make the decision of either not monitoring there older child, even though they were still at an age were anything could happen to them in there sleep. Or they would have to purchase two single room  monitors  that don’t interfere with each other (which could be a challenge since most  baby   monitors  use similar frequencies). Luckily there is now a third and better choice: the two room  baby   monitor .

The basic premise is that there are two reception devices that can be placed in two separate rooms, along with at least one viewing monitor for the parents. Since these  baby   monitoring  systems are designed specifically for two rooms, the are programmed to use two different frequencies that won’t interfere with the other.

3 Things To Consider When Buying A Two Room  Baby   Monitor :

1. Double parent monitoring units. A nice feature to look for when buying these dual room systems is to not only have two monitors in each of the children’s rooms, but also to have two parents monitors as well. This feature gives you the option of having one of the parent monitors in the kitchen and the other in the backyard, if you’re working back and forth between two places. A few popular brands have a large LCD screen that is stationary along with a smaller portable (handheld) parental monitor that Mom or Dad can carry around with them.

2. Adjustable time and volume. The ability to adjust the time between frames of the monitor is also a very nice feature. Meaning, you can set up the monitoring system to switch back and forth between the 2 child monitors, and you set the time at which the switch occurs. You can set the monitor for the younger child to stay on that frame for a longer time than the older child. This allows you to keep an eye on the more fragile child for longer lengths.

3. Sound and light. If you’re working in the kitchen with the sink on, or vacuuming the family room floor, there is a chance that you will not here the cries coming from the babies room. This problem is rectified by buying a  monitor  that lights up when it hears a sound coming from your  babies  room.

These three things to consider when purchasing a two room  baby   monitor  are just a few options that will give you added peace of mind while your tending to your usual daily tasks. If you need to keep an eye on more than one child than the purchase of this dual room  baby   monitoring  system is a no brainer, as you can’t possibly get the same benefit from a single room unit (or two single room units which most likely will interfere with each other).

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