Using a Baby Heartbeat Monitor to Lower Your Stress

It is common knowledge that stress during pregnancy can have adverse effects on your baby's health. There are ways to relieve this stress, and to give your baby the best chance at having a clean bill of health when he or she is bought into this world. A baby heartrate monitor can help ease your stress during the critical stages of pregnancy. We all know that stress will occur, however as a new mother, you will tend to stress even more about your unborn child, and that is completely normal. A baby heartbeat monitor is a great way to give your self peace of mind.

Most people are well aware that stress is simply a part of life, one that we will all experience at many differentlevels. However, being a new parent can add a whole lot more stress into your life without you even knowing. Even when everything is going along well, you will worry about your baby. Stress in pregnancy can effect your child, and added onto the stress of everyday life, will simply compound the effect.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by your body in reaction to stress. It has been shown through research that this stress hormone, is found in large amounts during the seventh week of pregnancy. If cortisone levels are high in the mother, then they are also high in the amniotic fluid, which is what is surrounding your baby in the uterus. There is, as you can see, a direct correlation between your stress levels and those that are imposed on your unborn child.

Cortisol is not always bad, and is needed to help your body deal with stressful situations. The long term effect of it on the fetus however, is actually quite unknown. In adults high levels of cortisol correlate to illness, exhaustion, depression and many more unwanted conditions. Other symptoms include ulcers, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Although still unknown, there has been some research showing that the cognitive ability of the baby is compromised, in both early and later life, when a lot of cortisol is found in the amniotic fluid. Baby's that has more stress during pregnancy had a lower IQ at the age of 18 months. High cortisol levels may also lead to attention deficit disorder, which means your child will have a lot of learning difficulties in later life.

Stress will not necessarily hurt your baby, especially in normal amounts. However you should do things to lower your stress levels, and an easy way to do that is to monitor your baby. Heart rate in any human being is an indicator of stress, and tends to be higher in these situations.

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