Video Baby Monitor – Your New Nanny

 Monitoring  your  baby  throughout the day is very important but may not always be possible especially at bedtime when both parents and baby are asleep.  Baby   monitors  help you check your  baby’s  movements. A video  baby   monitor  gives you the capability of not only hearing your  baby’s  movements but also see what your baby is doing.

Here are some benefits of a video  baby   monitor 

Full monitoring

One of the great benefits of a video monitor is to provide parents full monitoring of their child’s activities. Instead of merely hearing what their child does, they are able to see what their child is doing. This becomes essential especially when the child learns to move around the crib. The  monitor  can alert the parents of emergency situations like when the child has accidentally swallowed something, is trying to crawl up out of the crib, or if the pillow or blanket has covered your infant’s face while your  baby  is sleeping.


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a condition that is prevalent on babies. There is no definite cause for this condition. That is why parents are always concerned about their babies when they are asleep. With a video  baby   monitor , you can easily check on your child even when you are in a different room.

Peace of Mind

With a video monitor, you can have a complete peace of mind as you are able to have a visual image of what your child is doing, compared to an audio monitor that only lets you listen to the activities of your child. Also, a video monitor allows you to check your child without having to worry about waking your infant and disturb his or her sleep.

If you want to  monitor  your child effectively, buying a video  baby   monitor  is a good investment. While it may be more expensive than audio monitors, the benefits of a video monitor are priceless.

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