Video Baby Monitors

A video  baby   monitor  is a must have for all current, and expecting parents. It provides a calming piece of mind by allowing you to always see that your child is safe and sound, even when you cannot be by his or her side. A video monitor works by transmitting a high resolution color video signal to a hand held receiver that can go with you wherever you travel to in the house. These are are quickly replacing audio-only  baby   monitors , and with their impressive list of features, it is no surprise.

Buying a video  baby   monitor  can sometimes be a confusing task, so I’ve summarized all of the great features that you should be taking into consideration when buying one of these units. It is important to select a monitor that you feel comfortable with using, because after all, it will be helping you keep your child safe.

  • Wireless Operation – A great feature of a video  baby   monitor  is that it is completely wireless. This means that there is no complicated installation required, and that you can also take the receiver with you anywhere you go. Most units are able to transmit a high quality signal up to around 350 ft and do not interfere with any other wireless devices in your home.
  • Color Video – The monitor you purchase should have a receiver equipped with a color LCD screen. The usual screen size for a quality video monitor is approximately 2.5 inches, and this produces a very clear image of your child. Being able to see your sleeping baby in full color really helps put your mind at ease, and allows you to appreciate their beauty even when you aren’t able to be with them.
  • Audio – Hearing your child is just as important as seeing your child, so your video monitor should have a quality microphone for transmitting clear sounds. Also, a nice feature that some video monitors have is LED lights on the receiver that re-act to sounds transmitted by the camera. These can visually alert you when your baby is making a noise.
  • Night Vision – An impressive feature of these monitors is their ability to transmit video in complete darkness. They are able to do this because they come equipped with Infrared LED lights that will automatically turn on when low light is detected. This allows you to keep an eye on your child even when he or she is sleeping during the night.
  • Remote Panning – Higher end systems also allow you to control the camera from the receiver. This functionality is referred to as “Remote Panning and Tilting”. Keep an eye out for this feature if you would like to have the ability to change what the  monitor’s  camera sees in case your  baby  moves out of its viewing range.
  • Price/Overall Value – Most video monitors with the features I have described can be found in the 50-100 dollar price range, but it is important to note that the more expensive items have much better quality video and sound. I think it is important to find the best monitor possible that you can comfortably afford. Overall, I would say that they are truly a great value for their price. They come with impressive features like night vision, and color video, both of which help to keep your baby safe and your mind at ease.

A reliable video  baby   monitor  is one of the most important items parents should have when it comes to the safety of their  baby . Their price and features make them a great value, and they can help put a worrying parent’s mind at ease.

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