Baby monitors-you have probably seen these gadgets around when you shopped for things and items for your little one. They are gadgets that make the life of parents a lot easier. Or so manufacturing companies claim.

They come in kits. There is a transmitter and two or more receivers. They are like walkie talkies. You place the transmitter in your baby's room. Set it up and turn it on and it will pick up sounds. The sounds are then transmitted to the receiver. This is the gadget you will be holding. This will let you know if your baby is crying out or if there are any activities in your baby's room.

They usually use 49 or 900MHz of frequency. This frequency is need because the device is wireless. The process is a little complicated. One problem posed with this kind of gadget is interference. Because it is wireless, it may pick up signals from other wireless devices.

Parents worry about the unreliability of these devices. However, let is not generalize them all. Many companies manufacture reliable monitors. Most of them now have eliminated interference problems by integrating more channel options in their devices or using a different frequency. Most of them have wider range of signal so you have clearer transmission.

900MHz is more reliable than the others. In many reviews, those rated higher and those with good reviews when it comes to its reliability have 900MHz of frequency. Also choose one with two or more channels. This way, if you can hear interference, you can easily switch to another channel and find one with the clearest signal.

DECT technology was also deemed reliable. This is a kind of technology that is used in wireless phones. This is to prevent interference and give you a more secured privacy.

If you want to purchase one of this gadget, you have to carefully sift through your choices. Read reviews and learn your lesson from other parents. If the gadget has low ratings, chances are, it is not reliable.

They usually cost $ 50 or more for the audio monitors but costs more than a hundred dollars for the video monitors and those with sensor mats. If you want a full monitoring process which includes seeing your baby on a hand held video device, consider buying the video monitor. They will cost more but it will definitely put all your worries at ease.

Source by Babies & Kiddos