What Makes a Good Baby Tracker Application?

A baby tracking application allows parents to track activities of their babies. Usually those applications are available on mobile devices, for instance iPhones, iPod Touch or Android phones. But baby tracker applications can also be available on the web and accessible with any browser, or on tablet computers. A lot of different baby tracking applications are available on the market, what makes a good baby tracking application?

Typical applications let parent record baby activities like diaper changes, feeding and sleep sessions. For feeding, a good application should allow to record bottle feeding, nursing and solid food feeding. It should allow to record the quantity given to the baby, the type of food and the duration of the feeding. The application should allow to start different timers to easily record the duration of each activities. It should be possible to pause and continue the timers, and easily change the start or end time after the timer has been started or ended. In addition to those typical activities, a good application should also allow to record milestones, save photos, record mood and activities, or track pumping and expressed milk. The list of activities should be customizable so that users can enter their own activities.

Health tracking is important and should also be included. Tracking the baby's weight, height and head size is a minimum requirement, with growth charts and percentile comparison. It should also be possible to track given vaccines and medicines, as well as sickness and temperature readings.

A good baby tracking application will provide graphs to show different metrics over time. Example of metrics are: total sleep duration per day, longest sleep during the day, total feeding quantity, average nursing duration, total nursing duration, total number of diaper changes, … The graphs should allow to track the baby evolution and identify trends or anomalies. A baby tracking application should also provide timeline view to identify patterns in the baby's schedule.

Good tracker application will allow to export and send nicely formatted email with all the recorded data. It should also be possible to send the graphs via email, and export the data in a file. An excel-compatible format like.csv is preferred.

Finally, a good baby tracking application should let several caregivers use the application on their own device and automatically synchronize the entries on each caregiver device. This is useful if several caregivers are taking care of the same baby, for instance the mother, father, baby-sitter or a child care employee. Each caregiver should be able to see with the application what the other caregiver has done with the baby, even if he's away.

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