What to Look for When Shopping for the Right Baby Stroller

A single stroller cannot meet all your requirements nor it works great in every situation. So you need to refine out your requirements and select your baby stroller out of the priority of your requirements. Perhaps as a parent you may find a light weight stroller whereas a combination of travel and jogging stroller is the best for all purposes.

Newborn babies do not have good head and neck control. So a stroller particularly designed for 1 to 6 month old babies is equipped with bassinet and with attachable infant seat. After 6 month when the baby has significant control of its movement it can adjust with most type of strollers. Consider special care during jogging while you are with your jogging stroller. As newborn babies are susceptible to injuries it must be kept in mind that your stroller does not get much shaking.

Some parents need an easy to push medium weight stroller with many features rather than a heavy regular purpose stroller. Otherwise a light weight stroller adjustable with car seat is the best one for you. This type of strollers do not have much features and are not very suitable for pushing purposes. A stroller with large wheel can add much enjoyment in pushing it during nearby visits to park and around the neighborhood. One of the drawbacks of buying this type of strollers from online stores is that you can’t have real experience of pushing and feeling it. Review articles about the pushing features can give you some idea though. Normally larger wheel strollers with rubber tires are easier to push and handle. Some strollers are equipped with on-board motor. You have to exert less effort in pushing them.

While buying a stroller consider their size and weight. A light weight stroller may weigh approximately 8 pounds while a full features large size stroller can exceed to 30 pounds. The stroller you will be using on a daily basis and particularly for pushing purposes has to be feature rich and need not necessarily to be lighter. However, if you want to limit the use of your stroller from car to shop and shop to car or for a short smooth trip then a light weight less featured stroller will suit your needs. A large stroller with adequate features may weight under 20 pounds and that is quit perfect for daily purposes of a stroller.

Besides above things you have to consider the following feature in your stroller-reverse handle, storage basket, cup holder, shedding facility, adjustable handler, reclining seat, 5 point harness, bumper bars and snack tray.

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