This day and age the majority of items are going digital. Gone are the days of analog phones, and simple font computers etc … Even your everyday appliances, telephones, and tools are digital. There is a concern with regard to the safety of these products, and if they are a danger to our children.

There is a fear among parents that with the digital world brings potential dangers to their children. The concerns surround the electromagnetic radiation that may be emitted from some of these products. One product that has raised some concern are baby monitors that are digital format, many people suggest that they may harm children's nervous system.

The energy emitted from these items is called electromagnetic energy. This energy can be found in our TV's, phones, microwaves and even the monitors we use in our babies rooms. Also known as Electro-smog, this energy can be damaging to young children. Some symptoms that people have complained about are headaches, issues with sleep patterns, excessive tiredness, and even behavioral issues in children.

When comparing digital baby monitors to other household items it is important to measure the electro magnetic energy emitted by the item. Manufacturing companies suggest that they test the items and feel that there are no issues with regard to the safety to children. One company in particular Philips, suggest that the levels of electro smog emitted by their monitors are well below the norm for the safety standards. Their experts suggest that if the monitors are far away from the child there is no danger.

The old analog versions of baby monitors worked very well, however there were issues with reception. People also did not like that they distance they could be away from the actual monitor was not very far. There was also privacy issues as anyone with a similar hand held could listen in on another persons household. The digital world changed a lot of those concerns, however have raised some safety issues with regard to the radiation emission.

If you follow the manufactures recommendations with regard to the product you have there should be no problems. Keeping the monitor at least 1-2 meters away from your child is advisable.

Source by Babies & Kiddos