When Should You Allow A Baby To Cry?

A crying baby is something that just about every parent has to deal with at one time or another. Babies have no way of communicating with us, except through their screams and tears. Many parents get upset and disgruntled whenever their baby cries, but you have to understand that there is almost always a reason behind these tears. In many cases a baby will cry because he is hungry, needs a diaper change, doesn’t feel well, is overtired, or could even be bored. There is always going to be a reason behind your baby crying, whether you understand it or not at first.

As your baby starts to develop his own personality, and you spend more time with him, you eventually will start to learn what he wants, and why the tears are flowing. There will of course be some situations where you aren’t sure why your baby is crying, but in most cases you should be able to tell what is causing the tears. You will start to learn that your baby will even cry because he wants your attention and you have to learn to tell the difference between these cries and cries for such important things as hunger, a diaper change, or the fact that he is not feeling well.

Once you learn to decipher the differences between the reasons why your baby is crying, it makes it a lot easier to let him cry it out in certain instances. There is a whole controversy about letting your baby continue to cry or not before you go to him and all parents have their own stances on this issue. However, no matter how you feel about this issue, you will eventually learn that there are going to be instances where you just have to let him cry. As an example, it is perfectly acceptable to let your baby cry for 10 minutes or longer while you are trying to eat your dinner, or when you put him in his crib for the night. Your baby has to learn how to start comforting himself, especially when he is trying to fall asleep for the evening.

If you continue to get your baby every time he cries, this can potentially create problems for you in the future, as your baby will never learn how to comfort himself on his own. As a parent, you have to discover the fine line between letting your baby cry just enough to be healthy, and not allowing it to have an adverse effect. This is not an easy thing to do, especially because it can be so difficult for any parent to hear their baby crying for an extended period of time. However, over time you will eventually find that perfect balance through trial and error.

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