Which Baby Breathing Monitor is Best?

Baby monitors are purported to detect sounds coming from the room of your baby. A transmitter is placed in their room and this will pick up sounds and transmit it to the receiver you are holding. This makes your monitoring much easier.

However, most parents are concerned about the heath of their baby. There is such a thing called SID or sudden infant death where the infant dies without any clear reason. This is why, a monitor that can detect even the slightest of breathing sounds is needed.

I have such a gadget in mind and this is the baby monitor with a sensor. A sensor pad is placed under the mattress of a baby. This can help detect the slight movements and the breathing pattern of your baby. If no movement is detected within a span of 20 seconds, it will send off an alert signal.

The following are some of the brands that have been prove reliable:

Bébésounds Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor
This is a complete set of sound monitor coupled with a sensor. It should detect slight movements effectively and if it does not, an alarm signal goes off in your receiver. Additional features include a room thermometer so you will know how hot or how cold the temperature is in your baby’s room. This way, you can keep as comfortable as possible for them.

It also has a voice activator so you can activate the gadget remotely using your voice. It has 900 MHz of frequency and you can use it within 820 feet of range. If you move off the range, it will send of alarm signals.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor
This one will also send of an alarm if zero movements are detected in twenty seconds. You can choose from 8 channels so you can find the clearest reception. Like the first model, this one also has a temperature indicator to let you know how hot or how cold the temperature is in the room of your little one.

Johnson and Johnson Intouch
This one also boasts of a sensor pad that can detect slight movements. Consumers deem this ideal because it can really do what it tells to do accurately. It has a wide range of signal complete with alarm functions.

If you want to feel completely at ease about how you monitor your baby everyday, try these baby breathing monitor products available in the market today. Pick any of them and keep your needless worries at bay.

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