Winnie the Pooh, and Tiger to See! A Party Favorite for You and Me!

A great Winnie the Pooh invitation idea is to use cream-colored card stock, stencil either Pooh, Tigger, or even Piglet on the front of each, or decorate with Pooh theme stickers. Inside, tape a small packet of honey below the caption: “Pooh and (your child’s name) have some honey for you!” Then give the time, date, and location of the party. If you live in an area that’s difficult to find, include a map, specify exact times for drop off and pick up of the guests, and add any additional information, such as “We hope to fly kites, so bring a jacket” and send the invitations early, followed by a reminder two days before the party.

Winnie the Pooh party supplies are easily found in party supply stores, department stores, or online. Grocery bakeries can make Pooh and Pals birthday cakes.

For table cloths, use plain, white paper. Photocopy puzzles, coloring pages, and mazes to help Pooh find the honey, etc. Put a collection on each table, and add crayons and pencils, too. This way, the kids could work on the puzzles and pages if they were “out” in an elimination game, or just wanted a rest. By using plain paper for the table cloth, they could draw on that too.

Print and copy pooh coloring pages, and have a coloring contest. Print out certificates for the winners of different categories such a “Most colorful,” “Most Creative,” “Stays within the lines,” “Most cheerful,” “The Pooh Share Bear Award.” With a little imagination, you can come up with awards for every guest, even if you have to have runners up!

Help each child make their own kite, read “Christopher Robin’s Windy Day,” and help them fly their kites, if the weather is right, if not, they can take the kites home with them to fly on a more windy day.

Bees in the honey pot:

Paint clothes pins black and yellow to look like bees, and toss, or drop, clothes pins into a bucket or jar (preferably painted to look like a honey comb or Pooh’s honey jar.)

Tigger’s 100 acre woods race is a great activity for an outdoor party. Just set up starting and finish lines, have a three legged race, or a sack race, and let the kids “bounce like Tigger” to the finish line!

Musical Animals, is played the same as musical chairs but the person that doesn’t get a chair has to draw a name of an animal out of the hat and act it out until the other children guess what animal they are acting like. Make goodie bags by writing ‘HUNNY’ on brown paper lunch bags, then rolling down the top edges. Add Pooh and gang trinkets, pencils, coloring pages, and Gummy bears or Teddy Grahams.

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