Are you about to be a parent and are having serious concerns about bathing your newborn? Afraid of the baby being all slippery and dropping him in the water? No need to feel embarrassed, these are concerns most new parents have when it comes to bathing their newborn babies because they are so small and seem so fragile.

When you first get over that initial scare of bathing your infant you will find that it can be fun and enjoyable for the both of you. There are some arguments over how fast you should give the baby a full bath after it is born. In the USA many specialists suggest not to give your child a full bath until the cord falls of but to only give it a sponge bath.

Having had children overseas where this belief is not followed you know that it is perfectly fine to give your child a full bath from the very beginning and that the cord is nothing to worry about when it comes to giving your baby a bath. The decision on how to give your baby its first few baths is completely up to you and what you feel the most comfortable doing.

In order to make it easier for you, getting a small baby tub may be a good idea since many of these tubs can be placed in the kitchen sink, on the counter or on a table. This way you don’t have to lie on your knees next to your bathtub plus it gives you a little more secure position to handle the baby. Many of the infant tubs also provide some sort of back support and are not very deep. Regardless of where you give your baby a bath you should not have too much water in the tub. Maximum 3 inches is recommended.

Before putting the baby in the tub make sure the water is not to hot and whatever you do fill the water in the tub before placing baby in it because if there are sudden changes in the water temperature it can easily leave burn marks on a little baby. If you find that your baby cries every time you give him a bath don’t be alarmed, it can take months before your baby actually starts to enjoy the water and having a bath.

Prior to giving your baby a bath, be sure to have everything you need at hand, things such as soap, shampoo, sponge, washcloths and towels. For no reason should you have to take your child out of the tub to go and grab something you forgot. You probably don’t like to get out of the tub until you are done either? It goes without saying that you never take both hands of your baby as long as he is in the water. It does not take much water for a baby to drown.

When all of this is said, get over your worries and just enjoy the bath time with your baby and when you feel comfortable enough you can even take a bath together with your baby.

Whenever you are ready.

Source by Babies & Kiddos