Being a new parent has it’s ups and downs. The downs are that you get little to no sleep and stress constantly about the condition of your baby. However with the technology of baby safety monitors you can be in complete contact with your child at all times of the day. This allows you to get done some much needed tasks that are always having to be accomplished. These monitoring systems are not an alternative to checking on your baby from time to time but rather an alternative to watching your baby 24 7 especially while sleeping or resting. By having a baby monitor you can be able to have some alone time for yourself.

So there are several kinds of monitors to choose from. Video baby monitors and audio. The video lets you carry around a tiny LCD screen that allows you to see your baby and also hear them if audio is enabled. Most models have audio and video which is perfect for being your eyes and ears without physically being in the room with them. They run off rechargeable batteries and most of them have a light to let you know when the battery power is low. The frequency is also a major factor in getting the right baby safety monitor. If it has a really bad frequency channel then you will hear mostly static when trying to listen to your baby.

When looking for the right baby monitor for you child you can find some really great brand names that have all the bells and whistles such as video, audio, lights and sounds and 2 way interaction which allows you to talk to your child and interact with them even while in another room which is really fantastic. That gives you time to soothe your crying child if they are upset or not feeling well.

Source by Babies & Kiddos